10 June 2009

If I Were Going To Post Today...

Sorry guys, I have NO IDEA what's up with the text at the momnent. I've made this white manually for now so you can read it - hopefully the other posts will be visible again soon!!

I wonder what I would post about? In the spirit of scientific experiement, I decided to post anyway and
find out what I would post about if I were to post today. Unique, no?

Testament to the way my brain is, lately, actually. As it turns out, it's quite likely that I have obstructive sleep apnea, due to my charming sinuses, which explains a) why I'm so tired all the time (like, crash on the floor and sleep for hours at 2 o'clock in the afternoon tired) and b) why I'm so insane all the time.

*ponders sentence*

No. Okay. So maybe it only explains the first O:)

However, it turns out that a state of perpetual tiredness can be good for my stories. Or my characters, at any rate. Remember how I said on Monday that I was being mobbed by my characters? Yeah. It hasn't stopped. They're now invading my dreams. *tries to grump and fails* I wouldn't mind a bit, if I'd actually finished Jesscapades. Alack, I haven't done any writing today or yesterday. Yesterday I had Good Excuses; today I've just been plain avoiding it :P But the other characters haven't dampened their din one bit, even though I've promised that if they'll just let me finish Jesscapades, then I'll write them ALL!

Nope. Not fooling them. They want to be let out now. A couple, in particular, have been very noisy, and I'm itching to get to work on their stories. So here's what today's post would be about, if I were going to post today (O:)): I'm going to give in, just for a minute or two, and let my rowdy characters tell you about themselves. Interesting to note that it's the girls being loud!

Ash: *waves and smiles* Hi, everyone! I'm Ash. I think I'm one of those 'rowdy' characters Amy was talking about *winks*. Don't mind her, though. She's just a little frustrated that she has to finish Jesscapades before writing my story *grin*. My story? Well, I guess it's a little like Cinderella-meets-Rumplestiltskin, if I had to compare it to stories from your world. I'm a non-magic, you see, but Rupert, the man I love... *looks sad* He's a magic. He's forbidden by law to love me back. It's a shame; he's the only decent man I've known since my father passed away. I miss my father. The smell of apples still makes me nauseous. What? Why apples? Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot you didn't know. *sad smile* I was in the apple orchard when I got the news he'd died.

*brightens* But, I have a fantastic job, and some good friends, so even if my stepmother is a horrible old sod, and even if I can never have Rupert - well, at least I can work with him, right? And there's no law against flirting in the workplace ;)

Callie: *purses lips* Really, I don't see what all this fuss is about. I don't see why everyone can't just settle down, stop being so silly, and get on with life. I'm sure Amy will get to our stories when she can. *jumps as Amy pokes her* All right, all right, I'm introducing myself. *pokes tongue out behind Amy's back*

*turns to audience* Hi. My name is Callie. I'm sixteen, and I'm the co-MC of a novel called Magician's Thunder. The other MC is my older sister, Amber. I don't see why she has to be an MC; all she ever does is mope around or baby Mackenzie, our little sister, or hang out with that loser boyfriend of hers, or get angry at me. Nothing interesting, and certainly nothing worthy of MC-hood. *scowls*

Yes, all right, I'm talking about me! I live alone with my two sisters, 'cause our parents died in a car crash almost a year ago. Something sus, but I don't know the details, and Amber won't talk about it. I'm pretty sure she was involved somehow *dark look*. Anyway, my story begins when these freakish lightning storms start happening over the city every evening. The lightning's all funky-coloured, and there are rumours that magic's involved. Mac thinks that's soooo exciting, of course. I think they're all just idiots. It's probably just some sort of weird reaction with all the smog in the air. *gets frustrated* Why do people jump to the conclusion it's magic? Just because they haven't experienced it before, sure, it has to be magic? Whatever happened to common sense??


Yunaleska said...

You do know that this is unreadable unless it gets highlighted, right?

Ashtah said...

Google reader doesn't like manual whiting of text... :)

Well, it does, but it has a white background too... Was wonmdering why I had a large, completely empty white box where you post should be!

Here's to getting Blogger and the rest to behave! :)

Ashtah said...

And yay for Ash and Callie, now that I've actually read the post. :) Two stories I've been interested in hearing more of for a while anyway!

But dear MC-girls, do let her finish Jesscapades, or I will be cross with you - I need to know what happens there too!

Inkblot said...

Text is hopefully fixed now. Gah! Not convinced I like this new template either. The font annoys me :S But ANYway.

Glad you enjoyed the characters, Ash ;)

Yunaleska said...

Am I allowed to say I prefer this template, to the other one?

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