13 July 2009

Guest Post: The Life of Yuna

Today, we have another guest post. This time, Yunaleska (penname Eleanor Fletcher) introduces herself and tells us a bit about her writing life.

Hi everyone! Amy very kindly let me put a post up while she's off on her travels. This is a little post about me. (Or, the way I phrased my post suggestion (think of Donkey in Shrek) me! me! me!) It's self-promotion, no doubts about it. But it's a chance to explain who's behind the Yunaleska comments on this blog.

I'm one of Amy's writing friends. I have 3 identities online.

Yuna/Yunaleska on blogger. I'm a writer, currently editing one wip which I hope to query by the end of this year. It's a standalone YA sci-fi novel, but it does belong in my Empire series. You can follow my writing progress at Nayu's Realm

Inky gets credit for being one of those who inspired me to start blogging about writing.The posts here are highly informative. With my writing blog, its more a journal of how I'm progressing on my wips. The frustrations and joys of being a writer.

It's rather haphazard because a lot of my focus is on my review blog, Nayu's Reading Corner This is a new adventure for me, still in the early stages. My book count per month has increased significantly - I devour them, just as I used to when I was little. I got out of reading a lot for many years, something I'm rectifying.

I'm immensely grateful to publishers for saying yes, we'll send you review copies. My mother couldn't quite believe it when I explained I don't pay for the books. I do buy books, and I do get them out from the library.

Book reviewing is publicity for the publisher and author. It's not just that though. It's a way for me as reader to rabbit on about the book. I can highlight issues addressed in stories which sometimes reviews don't point out. I get to explain my view of the characters and their actions. I get a soapbox to advertise the books I adore. Plus, to talk about the funky illustrations (having a little obsession with those at the moment).

I feel that taking on life as a reviewer is enriching my life as a writer. I'm reading more (so getting *ideas* for stories, and a feel for wha people like. I'm slowly (very slowly) improving my summary skills. I'll need these for my queries.

My third identity, you ask? I joined the dark side today. Twitter. Again, another platform for my review work, and also just to keep in touch with friends and authors. I'm under Nayuleska - Yunaleska was taken.

Other info about me:
  • Writes: YA, mostly sci-fi and fantasy
  • Read: the above, plus thrillers, historical, manga
  • Adores: languages. Learning Japanese, and now Mandarin and Cantonese.I'm definnitely mad for attempting both at once, but life's for living.
  • Obsessed with: anime, and video games. Writing beats all of those.
  • Dreams: getting The Call. Having my books sold. Also dream about getting zebra finches.
  • Random fact: my car is purple.
It's been fun chatting here. I'm looking forward to more exciting posts from Amy upon her return.


beth said...

*waves hello!* Sounds brilliant to me--I've also written a YA SF. So interesting about the book reviewing stuff...always wondered how people started up with that.

Angela said...

Great post! *waves to Yuna and Inky*

I think reviewing really does help enrich writing, because it really gets you thinking about what pulled you in as a reader. I wish I had time to do this.

Yunaleska said...

Thanks girls! Sometimes circumstances stop me posting reviews - ankle/internet not working, but generally I enjoy putting them up (and yes plugging my sites is also beneficial!) Must link to this from my blogs...

Danyelle said...

Not only are you a completely awesome person, you even have an awesome penname!

(PS Aren't the cookies great on the DS?)>:)

Yunaleska said...

Thanks Dany! The DS does have some perks.

Lady Glamis said...

Love you, Yuna!!!

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