03 July 2009

Think Sideways Movie #5: Endings

Here's the next installment of the Think Sideways monthly videos, called "Endings: Something Clever Goes Here." And let me tell you, as someone who's just recently ended a novel, sometimes it is SOO tempting to write those four words and be done with the thing o.O

Incidentally, Liana posted a great article on endings and how you find the right one a while back. This is the method I use to find my endings too, and while it can be a little time-consuming, it's also fun, and yields the best results of any method I've tried so far ;) And yes, it's based on the Think Sideways course ;)

How about you, dear readers? Do you experience ending-angst? (Even when I know what's going to happen and am happy with it, I still HATE writing the actual climax) Are you usually happy with your endings? And what sort of endings do you favour?

1 comment:

Danyelle said...

I get Ending Blues when the end is in sight. On one hand I'm excited that I'm finally done with the draft, on the other, sad because I've spent so much time with it every day. It's like empty nest writing style. ;-)

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