26 June 2009

Think Sideways Movie #4: Middles

Some of you might not have been around for as long as all that, but a while back I posted some of the monthly videos from Holly Lisle's How To Think Sideways writing course (here, here and here). Given I'm on holiday in Europe right now (... today, in fact), I think I deserve a little slackery in the blogging arena - so I thought I'd post the final three movies over the next three weeks.

Today's clip is entitled, "Middles: A Compass, A Kit, and A Sea Of Stars". Middles are scary, terrifying places to be, where you start to doubt your decisions, and ponder just exactly how much trouble you'd be in if you just scrapped the whole thing and started over. Or started on something new. Or maybe just didn't write ever again.

Every gets lost: not every one knows the art of getting lost. Do you?

So, speak to me! Have you ever been lost in the middle? I certainly have. What was your experience like? Or are you just one of those insane people for whom middles aren't an issue? How did you become like that, and can I be like that too?? O:)


Danyelle said...

Middles--no problem. (Certifiably insane) Endings are hard. I get the End of the Story Blues which makes it really hard to write. >.<

Lady Glamis said...

This was AMAZING! I so wish I could take all of her course. Darn it all! But I really do appreciate you sharing this with us. I look forward to getting lost now! Nick is good at getting me there. :D

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