15 September 2009


Do you read The Literary Lab blog? If you don't, you should! It's a fantastic blog run by a trio of writers who all think deeply about the processes of reading and writing. Very interesting stuff.

And right now, they're holding a contest! Here's the goss, direct from Michelle, aka Glam, aka MDA ;)

"Over on The Literary Lab, a blog I take part in with Davin Malasarn and Scott Bailey, we're holding a pretty cool short story contest for ANYBODY interested! It's for fiction stories 1,000 - 2,000 words or longer.

Even if you don't write, would you mind helping us spread the word? On your blogs, on Twitter, on Facebook.

There are gift card prizes to the winners (to a bookstore of your choice), and publication in the first Genre Wars Anthology. All proceeds go to a non-profit writing/reading group we'll announce in the future.

The contest runs from today to December 1st.

For more information, visit The Literary Lab here."

Anthology publication, gift cards, and charitable donations - what more could any contest need?

*goes to rifle through stories to see if there's anything suitable in there*

So tell me: who's up for entering? Do you enter contests usually? Why (not)?


Danyelle said...

*waves to Inky*

I am no good at writing short stories. >.< I usually don't enter contests...I'm not sure why. Usually I don't know about them until after their expiration date, I can't write short stories, and have too many balls in the air. Did I mention I can't write short stories? O:)

Merc said...

I rarely enter contests--I'd rather just submit directly to markets. ;)

But I'm considering if I have anything for this...

Lady Glamis said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Dani, you'd better enter. *narrows eyes*

You, too, Merc!

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