02 October 2009

Revealing All

Meant to combine this with the last post, but I forgot: the answers to this week's Most Asked Question: Who Were Those Writers?

First up:

One tends to be sparse on description. She abuses commas horrendously, the genre's either sci fi or smart alec fantasy, and the characters are all cool-headed and logical. Everything's a puzzle to be solved.

This is none other than my kindred twin, Liana Brooks.

Another I can tell because everything is tinged with darkness; there are descriptions that range from lush to sparse, but underneath it all there's always the sense that something is just about to go wrong. Her characters are usually emotionally torn, often abused, dwelling in the grey spaces between life and death, good and evil - and fighting back against the world to protect themselves or those they love.

This one is prolific, ferret-loving overlordess, Merc.

And the third one I didn't finish writing! So I'll finish it now:

A third I can tell right away because of the sheer awesomeness of the world building, and the slow, meandering narrative. Her characters have a snarky wit and a charming sense of melodrama and are possessed with fascinating insights into the way the world works. Her plots revolve around intrigue, and her narratives are full of exotic biology and scheming politics.

The one who can make everything awesome just by describing it, The Feral Biologist, Sparky.

So there you go. That's what I think of you ladies :P:D

Anyone get all three correct?


Snazel said...

I didn't get the Lianna Brooks one correct, but that post did give me a strong wish to have my writing described by you. ^_^

Danyelle said...

Heh! Yes. The only one I was unsure of was #3, but I was pretty sure it was Sparky. Thanks for sating my curiosity. :D

Merc said...

I knew #3 was Sparky. O:) I guessed Lianna, but aww, I feel warm and fluffy inside at mine. B-)

Inkblot said...

Snaz - You're on CC, aren't you? I can read things there... %-) Bwa ha.

Dany - Well done you! :D

Merc - ha! *is pleased to have inspired the warm fluffies* hehe.

Snazel said...

I wasn't actually on CC, though now I'm planning on it. How, finished do things have to be to go up there? I have very little finished work, sadly. So I should stop browsing the internet and write! *slaps self*

Merc said...

*gives Snazel huge puppy dog eyes* O:)

On CC, you don't have to have anything finished to post. ;) It's completely up to you what to share.

Do stop by! I will invite you to my forum and it will be all shiny and happy. O:)

Snazel said...

Okay, now I'm on CC...

Merc said...


Inkblot said...

Yay, Snazelly One! :D

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