05 October 2009

So Long, September!

Wow, another month down. Is it just me, or is time really speeding up these days? I swear I just did a monthly review... o.O :D

Anyway. Accomplishments.

Regular Reader may recall that back in June, I set myself a challenge: Once Jesscapades was finished and I had a shiny, complete draft, I would give myself permission not to focus for the rest of the year; I could write whatever I felt like writing at the time, without worrying about progressing on any set thing.

Regular Reader will also know that sometimes I had a hard time remembering that, and tried to stress over it.

But! All this aside, this month has truly been the month of Write Whatever I Feel Like. And you know what? The pot theory actually works. This has been my best non-nano month ever. *grin*

Here's the stats:

Total Wordcount: 20,021 (whee!)

Main Works:

Jesscapades 2.0: 6,258
The Hunter Hunted (aka 'the tiger novelette): 5,857
Quest to Rebuild Jerusalem (aka 'the Pathfinder play): 2,439.

Other Random Miscellania:

Borderlands: 25 words. Yeah. I know :P hehe.
Short stories written from scratch: Forget (flash); Adam, Be A Star (flash); Dragon Tuesday (~2400).
Of those, Forget was revised and subbed.
Other random shorts tampered with this month: In Death (ending rewritten, then slashed down to make it flash); Festival of Souls (did a few hundred words and decided that this is going to be a themed collection of shorts); Afterwards (a short idea that's been lingering for a while - I wrote the beginning); Understanding (mainstream story from university; figured out how to fix it and started the rewrite).

Also, on the very last day of September I was reading through the blurbs for some of my stories-in-waiting, and stumbled upon this, which made me go squee:

Mercury, youngest-but-one of seven siblings, went to Evil Overlord school to be different. After all, her parents are accountants, her other siblings are all sickeningly good - and she had to get attention somehow.

Shame, then, that her parents seem to have forgotten all about her.But that's fine. Mercury will show them. Armed with her ferret familiar, Bystar, a stolen Key of Power, and the brains that got her this far, Mercury sets out to graduate at the top of her class so she can take over the city where her parents live.

And even if the invasion doesn't catch their attention, virtually exploding the world when she gets a bit too close to an Eye ought to do it...

So of course, I started writing that, too. I think I'll use it for my nano this year; appropriate, since it's book one (How Not To Take Over The World - HNOT) to the book two (To Be An Evil Overlord - TBAEO) I wrote for my very first nano in '07 :)


8 this month, 3 of which were either new subs or substantially reworked subs. Huzzah! This is my best subbing month yet B-)

Finally, Random Trends of the Month:

Souls. As in Festival of Souls (dead souls collect in the Tower every year until the Festival, when four people are chosen to lead them to the top of the Tower and to peace), Jesscapades (the souls in the glasses which smash and indicate to the Shards who their next target it), Afterwards (possession of souls - or not %-)), Dragon Tuesday (sharing souls, inter-dimensionality of souls) and random miscellaneous worldbuilding for my over-arching universe.

Voice. Lots of great voices coming through from my characters this month, including the MC from Forget, the girl Chay in Dragon Tuesday, Mercury from HNOT, and finally, Selene in Understanding.

YA. Not necessarily what I've written, but definitely what's been attacking the fringes of my mind recently.

So there you go: that's my random month! How was your September?


Rie said...

Congrats on the great month! Keep it up! Nano is right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Had a great month! Of course, I always enjoy September since it's my birthday month. And the peaches are simply ravishing. Mmm-mmmm.
Looks like you've been busy! I simply LOVE that blurb for your story. Cannot wait to read it. Send me a notice if you ever put it up on CC after November.
I'm excited about the one I'm going to work on this November, too. Quite excited.
Good luck and Godspeed.


Merc said...

Great month, Inky! :D *admires the shiny words*

My month was decent.

Hoping Oct is a bit more brain-friendly now that the move is over. ;)

Inkblot said...

Rie - Thanks! I can't WAIT for Nano, not least because it means university will be OVER forEVER! *bounce* :D

Scott - What's your CC handle? There's usually a nano queue on CC during november for people to post their roughs to, which I'll be posting HNOT to :)

Merc - given you moved as well, you had an AWEsome month! Congrats so much on finishing the novel :)

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