23 November 2009

No Post Today...

No post today, but this is amusing: Slush Reading, Seuss Style.

And this is very, very interesting - and a pretty good analogy of how I write ;)

Also, don't forget to enter Friday's Contest! It's not difficult - just create a sentence using mostly words from my recent wordle, and post it in the comments for your chance to win! :)

And if you're in the mood for contests, Angela over at The Bookshelf Muse has a great one going to celebrate reaching 100,000 hits! :) Yay!

Oh, and I received a blog award :o) Thank you so much, Kristi, and I'm so sorry it took so long for me to acknowledge it!

I have several awards that are supposed to be down on the left sidebar, but blogger is persistently misbehaving. I'll get them up eventually o.O

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