21 November 2009

Taking Over The World By Contest

Like so many other authors I know, I've been letting myself get totally distracted with the joy that is Wordle. Actually, not distracted so much as using it for bribery - every time I finish a chapter or two I can create a Wordle :D

Having just finished chapter 12 of How Not To Take Over The World, here's my current Wordle:

Yes, there is an atrocious number of words such as 'like', 'glanced', and 'just', but that's a problem for editing, not nano-ing - and it makes your task a lot easier >:)

Task, you say? Why, what task?

*bounce* Here's the deal. You write me a sentence using (mostly) words from my wordle, post it in the comments, and you'll be entered in the draw to win a copy of the e-magazine Greatest Uncommon Denominator, issue 3!

Yay! Contest!

Are you excited? I am :o)


1) Write a sentence using (mostly) words from my Wordle and post it in the comments. To see a bigger version of the Wordle and thus more of the words in it, view the Wordle here.

2) I get to decide what 'mostly' means. Pretty much, it means you can use small words like at, is, the, and, etc - and not much else, OTHER THAN THE WORDS IN THE WORDLE.

3) If you tweet about the contest, that's +1 extra entry. You MUST INCLUDE @Inksie in the tweet so I can see you've done it :)

4) If you're already a follower or become a follower, that's +2 extra entries.

5) And finally, if you blog about it and leave a link to said blog in the comments, that's +3 :)

6) The prize is a PDF version of GUDmagazine Issue 3.

7) THIS CONTEST CLOSES ON DEC 1. The draw will be held shortly after that :)

The contest is open worldwide (since if I restricted it to my home continent it'd be a very small contest :P).

And finally, an except B-) Beware, it's rough - NaNo rough.

Muffled grumbling sounded inside the courtyard, and then the doors that hid the courtyard from view swung open and a lovely, dark-haired woman glared at him. "What do you want?"

"Pardon me, Ma'am," he said, sweeping into a graceful bow. "I am here to meet with the Spawn of Evil that rules this place."

"Are you just?"

Why did the woman look so amused? Did she not realise that she stood within the walls that shielded the most evil being known to man - the Overlord? He cocked his head, trying to read her.

Perhaps she didn't realise. There was a feral gleam in her eye that didn't feel quite sane; maybe she had no idea who it was that held her imprisoned.

Reth edged towards her, hands held out placatingly. "There, there," he soothed. "It's okay. I've come to save you."

The woman's face spasmed. Poor creature, he thought. She's probably been warned that if she tries to escape he'll kill her. "It's okay," he said softly. "I can help you."

The woman tilted her beautiful face, full lips pouting slightly. Her eyelashes drifted closed before she peered up at him, soft and ripe and full. "Yes," she breathed. "Perhaps you can. Tell me your name?"

"Reth," he said as he reached the portcullis, pressed his palm against it, reached through the bars towards her. "My name is Reth."

She spasmed again, and he thought his heart my break in his chest.

"I'll help you," he whispered. "Tell me where the Overlord is. I'll fight him, and I'll set you free."

"Oh, I'm sure you will," she whispered back, capturing his hand in hers and caressing his palm. "I'm sure you will."

He blinked at her, delighting in the way her lashes fell softly against her cheek as she examined his hand, the way her off-balance stance emphasised one hip, the way the cut of her dress revealed everything and nothing all at once. He sighed. The world's most perfect Damsel in Distress.

Reth curled his fingers around hers. "Tell me, damsel sweeter than air. Where is the foul beast that has you trapped, that I may slay him and carry you home?"

The woman's nostrils flared. "Oh," she said. "I don't think you need to bother with him any more."

She was trying to protect him; how sweet. "But lady, I must, for how else can I win your assured affection?"

The woman looked him over. "How about we start with the shirt?"


Footsteps interrupted their exchange.

"Overlady? Why are you chewing this man's hand?"

Reth stared at the intruder, a wizened old man bearing the stench of evil. His jaw twitched. Surely this was he, the foul monster who held the lady trapped.


The woman sighed, dropped Reth's hand, and turned to the man. "Ainor, you really do have the most apalling sense of timing, you know that?"

The man called Ainor pursed his lips, chin and upper lip turning white. "Be that as it may, Oh Lady Most Evil, I would still like to know what you are chewing on a hand that patently belongs to a Hero."

The woman wrinkled her nose. "I was nibbling, not chewing. The difference being that one is sensual, the other canabalistic. And it's practically in the rules that the Evil Overlady gets to seduce the Hero." She pouted.

"Whatever your Evilship insists." Ainor bowed.

Reth watched the interchange with a growing sense of dread. "Your... Evilship?" he said hesitantly.

The woman turned to him, teeth bared in a vicious smile. "Yes, my pet?"

He opened his mouth, fisted his hands, and stepped away from the portcullis, shaking his head. "But you're the Damsel in Distress!"

She rolled her eyes. "Sweetheart, do I look distressed?"

And that's it! Go! Enter ye contest! :)


Beth said...

Much evil awesomeness! I will probably write up something later. Fun!

Rie said...

Hey, babe. Every snippet makes me want to read more! Which isn't fair as I promised myself no fun reading until I hit my measly 30k.

Beth said...

I'm confused by rule #2. Are we NOT supposed to use words in your Wordle (besides the small ones)?

Inkblot said...

Nonono - Use ONLY words from the Wordle, plus little words. Sorry, I'll clear up the rule o.0

Thanks :)

Beth said...

Cool. Thanks for clarifying.

Man, that was hard. This is the best I could come up with:

The ferret demon just nodded.


Inkblot said...

Nice work, Beth :D

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