26 November 2009

Slightly Random Revision Course Annoucement

Some of you will be aware that last summer (my summer) I took Holly Lisle's How To Think Sideways: Career Survival For Writers course. It was AMAZING. I ADORE it. See some of my random ravings about it here. This course literally changed the entire way I write, and it still is; I didn't really work on a particular novel as I worked through the course, so some of the lessons on middles I'm actually only just using now - and they're responsible for getting me through a novel middle for the first time without wanting to kill the stupid thing ded.
Yes, ded.
ANYway. I know a couple of you signed up to Think Sideways through my linkies (thanks!) and have been enjoying the course too. Woo hoo!
THIS post is to announce that Holly has created a follow-up to the Think Sideways course: How To Revise Your Novel. I've been one of about fifteen people that have had the chance to go through the first month of the course already, and let me tell you - it's as fantastic as Think Sideways (which of course means that if you didn't like Think Sideways you might not like this, but anyway...) O:)
The editing course. The first month has been fantastic, and I'm actually making progress on the Jesscapades edit after being stalled out for about three months. Yay! Progress! This is editing like you've never seen it before: not just the superficial junk like spelling and sentence structure, but scene structure, story structure, making and breaking promises to the reader, and much much more.
If you're interested in reading more about it and can deal with sales hype (ick), read about it here.
If you're interested in taking the course, LISTEN UP!
This course opens for a very limited intake on MONDAY the 30th of NOVEMBER at 12:01AM. Yes, 12:01AM. That many people are expected to sign up that she's doing it at night so it won't crash the servers.
If you want to sign up on Monday, you MUST MUST MUST sign up through my linkie here before the end of FRIDAY. That's tomorrow.
If you don't sign up through that link, you'll have to wait for the January intake - and after that, the course will only be offered once a year.
The cost is US$47/month for 5 months, four lessons per month. You can quit at any time and get a refund for any lessons you've paid for but haven't received - and if you sign up through my linkies, you'll get the 20% rebate of course - which means at the end of each month, I refund you 20% of the cost for that month for no reason other than that I love you for signing through my link :) *beam* :)
Okay, that's it for today. Sales pitch info over, return to your regularly scheduled blogging, etc etc. Thanks!


Rie said...

Planning to sign up, but I must note that it's 12:01 EST.

Can't wait!

marieconley3 said...

Oh and babes it's 47 for 4 months, although the class goes for 5 months!

Inkblot said...

Yes, true! Huzzah!

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