05 February 2010

Because Fridays Are Random, After All..

I don't do forwards. I hate being guilted into foisting anything onto anyone. So people who email me regularly know that I pretty much delete forwards sight unseen. Though somewhat paradoxically, because people who email me regularly know this, they only send me ones they consider really really good, so I tend to actually read them... o.O

Anyway. Round about way of saying I don't usually do memes either, and though I appreciate blog awards like nothing else (evidenced by their display in my sidebar), I don't subscribe to the part of anything that says you have to pass it on.

So I'm meme-ing today, because I found the meme on Natalie Whipple's blog, and because it looks fun :) You can do it too, and help with the meme spread like it's born to do, or you can not - either way! :D The meme is called One Word, the theory being you have to answer everything with one word. I... have never been succinct O:) Forgive me.

Your Cell Phone? Old
Your Hair? Boring
Your Mother? Organiser
Your Father? Worrier
Your Favorite Food?
Your Dream Last Night? School o.O
Your Favorite Drink? Water
Your Dream/Goal? Mattering
What Room Are You In? Lounge
Your Hobby? (other than writing?!) Photography/Baking
Your Fear? Failure
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? Published! :D
Where Were You Last Night? Bubblebath
Something That You Aren't? Petty
Muffins? Please! (Banana-choc-chip)
Wish List Item? Lens (canon 100mm prime!)
Where Did You Grow Up? ACT (if you know, you should; if you don't, learn your geography ;))
Last Thing You Did? Eat
What Are You Wearing? Dagginess!
Your TV? Annoying.
Your Pets? Pregnant!
Friends? Lifelines
Your Life? Busy
Your Mood? Focussed (believe it or not :P)
Missing Someone? Husband (aww...)
Vehicle? Necessary.
Something You Aren't Wearing? socks
Your Favorite Store? Borders/Officeworks
Your Favorite Color? ...... *struggles* HA! JEWEL. Make of that what you will :P
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? DinnerYesterday (went out with an old friend)
Last Time You Cried? Monday (in terror of starting school!!!)
Your Best Friend? Liana
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Husband'sArms (aww! :P)
Facebook? ViaTwitter
Favorite Place To Eat? Picnic!!

So. I didn't fail /too/ badly, did I? I only snuck in a few extra words O:) :D hehe. Happy Friday, everyone. Guess what? Tomorrow's the weekend! Woo hoo!

Any writing plans for the weekend, or are you all blobbing? I'm planning to compromise and do both: blob Saturday, write Sunday :o) Either way, have fun!


Merc said...

I must disagree with you on "Something You're Not" aspect. ;) But at least you don't obsess, so I will not have to smack you. O:)

I rather like the first-lines meme I see occasionally on LJ... it's probably the only one I'd be interested in playing. ;)

ETA: ! The word verification: reven. *totally has KOTOR flashbacks*

Inkblot said...

...*is gobsmacked, until realises that Merc read 'petty' as 'pretty'*

*is now laughing uproariously*

:D O:) :D

I was all like - *gasp* You think I'm petty???!!!! And then I realised. So. Thank you for the implied compliment. Truly, you are magniferous B-)

Yunaleska said...

Heehee! Especially what you thought Merc meant. :D

You're wonderful :)

Krispy said...

LOL. I was confused by Merc's comment too. Haha.

You inspired me to do the meme too. Haha. Enjoy the weekend! It's already arrived for you. I'm jealous! :)

Charmaine Clancy said...

Thanks for organising next week's blog for me - I'll be meme'ing (is that the verb?).

Hope the lesson planning isn't driving you too crazy (just enough to appear eccentric).

Inkblot said...

Huzzah for all the inspiration :D

Charm - I was eccentric anyway, I suspect :D hehe.

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