03 February 2010

Lament for the Holidays

*sniff sniff* January is gone, and with it summer holidays. Behold, it is tragical indeed!

January turned into month that surprised me with its productiveness. After angsting mildly about the fact that I couldn't seem to write, Edge, the MC of Santuary jumped on me on the 12th of the month and never let go! Go Edge!!

Here are the stats:

Total word count: 15,761

On Sanctuary: 14,329

On a random background short for HNOT: 257

On the Powers short that's plodding away: 202

On my completed short for the month, Sculpt: 973

How's that compare to my goals? Surprisingly good! This was my most productive January ever! 15k a month would put me at 165k not including NaNo in November, so I'm on track to break 200k. Also, I cracked 16k on Sanctuary this month, and given I'm aiming for a total of 50k, I'm about a third done! Finally, I wrote, edited, and submitted one short this month, in keeping with my one-short-a-month goal.

So I'd say I did pretty well!

Biggest thing I learned? Sanctuary is one big reinforcement of the idea that voice is everthing: if I have my character's voice and actually listen to it, the story just carries itself :)


Yunaleska said...

Re voice = very true. Get the wrong voice and the story doesn't work. (Termion...)

Inkblot said...

Heh, soooo true. I can tell the difference right away if I've got the voice right, because the story just /works/.

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