20 April 2010

Welcome Back!

Not that any of YOU have been gone, but hey, welcome back anyway :) Thanks everyone for being so understanding while I had my hiatus - while life hasn't settled down especially (and we still don't know when we're getting into our new house!!), several major events have passed with reasonable success, and life is just ordinary-level insane again :D

To kick things off this week, I though I'd turn to you all for some advice. Many of you - especially if you follow me on twitter - will know that back in February, my pretty girl Laura had puppies. Turns out they're pretty good puppies, and we've decided to keep one and see how he'll go in the show ring :o) Yay for keeping puppy!

The only problem is, we can't agree on a name! I turned to twitter for inspiration this morning, and everyone has been so helpful that I thought I might as well make it a bona fide competition, and see what happens.

So, the rules are thus: Suggest a name for our puppy. You can suggest as many names as you like, and you can do it either in the comments here, or you can @ me on twitter (inksie). I'll compile a short list from your suggestions, and my husband and I will choose a winner together.

Enter your suggestion/s BEFORE 8pm Wednesday Australian Eastern Standard Time (6am Wednesday US current east coast time), and the winner (and maybe a few runners up, depending on how many names we like) will receive a book of some description. I'll probably give you either a list to choose from or a budget ;)

Helpful info: Puppy is a male yellow Labrador. His show name is Gentleman of Chaos, and we've been temporarily calling him Blue (for the colour of his rickrack collar after he was born).

Go to!


Spammy said...

Ooh! You should name him Attila %-) or maybe Genghis. No...no...Attila is cooler. *Bangs gong* Spammy has spoken.

Spammy said...

(Side note: Attila would go with the gentleman of chaos thing...well, the chaos part, anyway :D)

Melissa said...

Those eyes just melt my heart. What a LOVE.

Possible names...

Pax (because I'm always partial to that one)
And because names related to Chaos mayyyy not set you up for success... Tranquil -- "Quil"

Inkblot said...

*grin* Fantastic suggestions, guys! Spammy, I'm adding Hun to your list to go with Attila :D

Melissa - great list! I like Pax, Magick and Quil best :o)

*goes to add names to the List*

Catherine Kariaxi said...

How about Leo? :)

He looks like like a Leo.

You could call him Leonardo too. I just googled Leonardo+chaos and found some references to his studies, as well as the times he lived in. Might be reaching of course, but... :)

Anyway, he's adorable!

Catherine Kariaxi said...
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Charmaine Clancy said...

Shakespeare or Socrates?

We almost named our Schroeder Socrates, luckily we didn't because he's definitely not a thinker!

Can't wait to hear what you name him (very jealous of the lack of grooming needed to show your dog!)

Ziggazune said...

Oooh, me me me! No I didn't mean 'call him Jesse' by the way.

My list:


In Greek mythology he held the world upon his shoulders, and was noted for his muscles and bronzed skin.


Those eyes are sad and grey! At least they look like it from those pictures. Anyway, Cloud is a pretty name for a dog!


He was a Greek messenger, and Guide in the Underworld


I dunno why. I just think that would make an awesome name.


The whole 'Gentleman of Chaos' thing reminded me of Plato's thoughts on Chaos (sic) in his Timaeus.

ClareB said...

Thor (greek god of thunder)
Rai (trust, lightning, thunder-japanese)
D'Artagnan (from the 3 musketeers -Dart for short)
are all i can think of at this point good luck :D

Emma said...

My suggestions: Bond,Jack & James :)

Leighs suggestions: Fido, Terri, Leo, Prancer, Dancer, sleepy, grumpy, Vixon

Here's Abbi's suggestions:
dcr nnkm jhjngbfdsdfgthuhhgrftrfeergghhmnjnmhnuygtggb n m h gc b , knbv vd bnmnmnbjgbvfgvtcD

ClareB said...

oooo also:

Charmaine Clancy said...

Name him after that volcano: Eyjafjallajokull

ShootingStar said...

Ok, if Leo than Leopold.
I like atlas as well.
Rauko! Its elvish for demon. ;)
Ah, Gent, Max, Elliot, Dylan, Cornelius.

ShootingStar said...

Ah wasn't a suggestion by the way.
And I also agree with Clare's Dart. Thats pretty good.

Catherine Kariaxi said...

@ShootingStars - *grins* This could be why you suggested Leopold, in which case it makes better sense than my suggestion of Leonardo.

Professor Chaos = the alter ego of Leopold Butters Scotch.


ShootingStar said...

@Catherine: Hah Leopold IS a good name then! Butter scotch is even puppy's approximate colour. How grand and chaotic. :)

(I also want to name my goldfish that i hope to get in a few weeks leopold, as i was given a leopold the goldfish for my 18th birthday but he didnt survive the night. I think they did something to him before they gave him to me. Not that this is a reflection on puppy should he be called Leopold. Its not a cursed name, just to clear that up. I think. )

Inkblot said...

Awesome names, everyone! You all rock!! :D

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