21 April 2010

March Madness

Yes yes, I know it's like, nearly the end of April. Nowhere near March at all. March has well and truly been and gone; disappeared; evaporated; kicked the bucket.


I was on hiatus while this all happened. So you know. I didn't get to do a March recap. And I don't know about you, but my March was FROGGING AWESOME. So I kind of want to recap it B-)

So, what did I do in March that was so amazing? I FINISHED SANCTUARY! YAYAYAY! *dances madly like a mad thing*

I also wrote a play about pirates, which was fun. But you know. I FINISHED SANCTUARY!!!

(Well, almost. Technically I didn't finish; I wrote about 10k in April. But it was all done by the 5th of April! And I wrote LOTS in March! So I can still squee, right? Right?)

I won't go into detail about the book and her pretty stats, because you can find that here and here and here. However, March stats:

39,628 words total. Apparently I have a Thing lately about achieving nearly awesome numbers o.O

Of that, 30,595 on Sanctuary, and 7954 on the play, which is called Where Your Treasure Is.

I also attempted to edit Death and Foxes, and it is now Significantly Better, but the MC is still a passive whingey woman, so I need to fix that before I can really do anything with it.

So. That was my March. How was yours, if you can still remember that long ago?? :P :D

Also, the contest to name my puppy is now closed. Winners will be announced as soon as we choose a name :D
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