05 May 2010

Q4U: Climbing Back On the Horse

So, it's been a while since I've written. About four weeks, in fact. It's not that I haven't thought about it - it's been plaguing me. The general need to write, stories in particular - heck, even my dreams have been writing related!

But the problem is, none of this adds up to actual writing - and I can't seem to make it. I'm tired, worn out by life and all its current woes, and when I pull up the page to write, it just doesn't seem to work.

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HNOT is staring at me. It only needs another 20k to be complete, which I could totally do in a month - if I could get myself started. I think I'm afraid to ruin the tone I've set up, and scared off by a lot of plot problems pointed out by a beta reader.

Borderlands also stares, as does the temporarily-titled Battersplotch world (this is the one that keeps popping up in dreams). But because HNOT is staring harder, I can't bring myself to start something completely new; too many partially completed drafts.

I have brain freeze, and it's getting seriously annoying.

So, my question for the day to you all is this: After a long break away from writing, how do you get back on the horse again? What do you do to ease yourself back into routine, to convince yourself once more that it does actually matter if you write or not? Any tips for me? Because this is seriously driving me nuts.

Thanks, in advance. You guys are awesome B-)


Charmaine Clancy said...

I usually procrastinate some more by doing lots of research and plans for writing, but still... no actual writing. I have found that if I just write for 5 minutes before I go to bed, it can be utter rubbish, but it just gets that pen on paper again (or fingers on keyboard), sometimes I think pen and paper is better because the mean part of your brain will try to distract you with pretty webpages if you're online.
You're a great writer, once you get going you'll just fly through it. :-)

Christine Fonseca said...

OMGosh - you're like my twin on this issue! I am brainstorming with friends - hoping that will bring back some of my fire!

Inkblot said...

Charm - hmm, I may have to give paper and pen a try, I think. I'd forgotten that that sometimes loosens me up. Thanks :)

Christine - *high five* for twinness :D Let me know if any of your friends have brilliant suggestions!!

Liana Brooks said...

I get my friends to poke me. Sometimes, I take a month off. I take one day a week off, to recharge. And then I fill my brain with good stuff.

I think that to write, you need to read, and you need to live. For you writing time one week consider trying something new: paint, hike, swim, yoga, read, play with glue and glitter... anything but writing. Give your brain an hour a day to meander. Ignore chores, work, whatever.

Sometimes you need to recharge the imagination before you can write.

Inkblot said...

I think that's partly true for me right now. I've been having story ideas, but at the same time, words are escaping me right now. Just ask my year 11 students, who I usually have at the end of the day. They have to put up with me constantly tripping over my tongue!!

Reading, though, is something I haven't done in ages. Not fiction, anyway. I had a bath on Tues night (after I'd pre-posted this post) and actually - le gasp - READ for an hour. It was sublime!!

*waves magic wand at schedule to allow for more reading time* :)

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