03 May 2010

Checking In: April

So, April has been and gone, and all I have to say is thank goodness, and may May pass just as quickly. May - well, I had high expectations of May, after April. I thought it might be the final calm, that it might bring the resolution to a whole bunch of exciting, on-going problems.

May is tricksy and false. :P Only three days in, it's set to be worse than April! Oh noes! *shakes head sadly*

So, may it speed by without delay, I say. Ha.

But anyway, April. The month wherein I did practically no writing :P - although my statistics do not bear this out! I actually managed 10,417 words last month, which is insane, giving as of yesterday I'd written not a word since Easter!

The majority of this was on Sanctuary, which I FINISHED, oh-my-goodness-YAY! *confetti* *streamers* *balloons*!!

I finished on April 5, Easter Monday - and then fell into a massive funk. It didn't start out as a writing funk, but writing soon joined everything else, and nothing much else happened all month.

But anyway, Sanctuary was finished. This is yayful :)

How was your April?

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