22 November 2010

For The Rest...

You know what? Blogging is kind of exhausting, sometimes.

I won't lie to you: I'm struggling pretty hard right now with anything creative or writing related. Work is intense, the new house is starting to come together, emotional decisions are happening with the dogglies (deciding whether to keep the 8 month old pup or not, *tears! sniffles!*), and my health pretty much sucks. I've been on a super restrictive diet since June and guys, it's killing me. I've lost more than 8 kilos since June. That's nearly 18 pounds, for you imperial people. And I'm not allowed to eat anything. URGH!

So. I haven't been writing. I haven't really been reading much either. And I've kind of been beating myself up about this, because really, that's what I do best :P

I've been beating myself up about not blogging more regularly, too. But you know what? I have so much else going on, I really don't need the extra stress that comes from self flagellation. Right? Right.

Only I keep going, "I'll just have a break for a week. Oh, just one more week. Urgh, I know I had a week long break two weeks ago, but I really think I need another one," and we all know that's totally counterproductive. So for once, I'm going to shove aside the guilt and the stress, and cut myself loose for a bit, and actually rest. To that end, I won't be blogging for the rest of the year unless I have oh-my-gosh-must-share-this-NOW stuff to say.

I will, however, definitely be back in the new year :o)

So I hope you all have a very happy holiday season; stay safe and have a whole bunch of fun. Enjoy what you have in the moment, your friends, your family, your self, because you won't ever have that moment again.

And if you need some time out - make sure you take it.

Happy writing!


PS Finally have Word functioning again on the lappytop; with luck, this means I can start writing again. Yes, my brain is very particular about where we write and how. Irritating creature \: :D

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Anonymous said...

why cant you eat?

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