10 November 2010

NaNo Bonuses for All!

Sooo, my NaNo adventure is kind of epically failing right now. It's the 10th, and I'm on 4659 words. Wow. Yeah. Flying.

On the other hand, this is more words in 10 days than I wrote in the entirety of either October or September, so you know. Progress. And I've joined a really awesome collaborative worldbuilding project which is keeping the juices flowing nicely :o)

But! Bonuses! I did mention this, dids I not? :D

You know those really wonderful courses I've done and rave on about? The ones which you can get a 20% rebate on through my links only? And you know how Holly Lisle also has a shop full of fantastically awesome writing resources? Two of which are How To Motivate Yourself and How To Write Dialogue With Subtext?

Yeah. All that. I've done all four of these course, plus used a whole bunch of resources from Holly's shop, and really, I can't point to a single other author who has helped my writing as much as Holly. From all the writing books I've read over the years, there has only been ONE non-Holly book that has stayed with me as genuinely helpful and worthwhile and something that improved my writing. ONE.

So here's the bonusy bit: the motivation course retails for $47.95, and the dialogue workshop also for $47.95. Until 10AM US EST DECEMBER 1, you can sign up to either How To Think Sideways (how to survive a novel from idea to edit) or How To Revise Your Novel (the most gruelling, comprehensive editing course I've seen that teaches you how to revise your novel in ONE ROUND OF EDITS) and receive BOTH the motivation course and the dialogue workshop for free.

That's $95.90 worth of free product, available for the entire month of November. It's deals like this that make me almost wish I hadn't taken the courses yet, so I could sign up and take advantage of the offer o.O

And remember, you can get 20% of your monthly payment back just my emailing me your receipts. And you can pull out of HTTS or HTRYN at any time, and receive a refund for lessons you haven't received yet.

So if you read the first lesson, decide you don't like it, and pull out - wow. You just paid like $13 for two freebie bonuses worth $95.90.

And in my head, that's a pretty fine deal.


Nayuleska said...

I'd like to say that Holly's courses are fab :) I didn't know why Amy raved about them so much, until I started them. Wow, just wow! I've barely done anything but I've learnt a lot already

(I'm not compensated for saying nice things - I'm doing this for free).

Vanna said...

Just found your blog and I have also just signed up for the HTRYN course. I'm only on Week 1 and already I think my book revision problems will be solved once and for all! Yay! I just wish I'd found your website sooner and taken advantage of your generous rebate. Anyway, love your blog and am on my way now to subscribe to the RSS ;)

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