03 November 2010

Intelligent People

You know, for a bunch of relatively intelligent people, we writers have to learn the same lessons over and over and over again a lot of times.

Or maybe that's just me.

Remember, those of you that were with me then, last September when I decided to take the pressure off myself and just write what I wanted when I wanted? And how that had an unexpected upturn in productivity?

Remember this year, my lamentations over how many months I've had 'terrible' word counts? Five months under my self-imposed 10k goal, one of which is the worst on record since July '07, only three months after I started keeping records. Yeah, I've been feeling pretty down on myself at time.


Don't you love it when there's a but? I do :o)

BUT. I realised something yesterday, in preparing for Nano: my pre-Nano word count was only a hair shy of 120k for the year. That means if I make nano, I'll be at 170k. That's my second best year in the four I've kept records for!

Second best!


So, you know, when intelligent people say you should really slow down, take your time, and enjoy writing - they actually know what they're talking about. One day, I'll remember that.


Nayuleska said...

Taking time to write is true. We're all different, work at different paces. It's something I'm learning lately.

Anonymous said...

how was the english oral

amy said...

i just read shoe nd ebven though i am 13 i love it! i can imagine you dancing! i have a good guess of where you work!

you work @ [redacted] and you have a girl named amy and holly in your class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Laurens said...

:P Welcome, girlies. Please try to avoid mentioning school names etc - thanks :)

Amy - I'm really glad you liked Shoe :o) Have you ever read the original fairy tale?

Anon - the orals are going well, thank :P ;)

Amy Laurens said...

Oh, and Nayu - sorry to ignore you :D - yeah, I think there are a bunch of us learning this at the moment. Which is good, but boy it's a hard lesson to learn!! :S

Nayuleska said...

But at least we are learning it now :) It's never to late to learn something.

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