05 June 2011

6SS: Aaaaawkward!

Six Sentence Sunday. In which John didn't know Jess would be there. In which Tara told Jess John expected her. Let's say it together: awkward turtle! Especially since he just volunteered to kiss her again and all.

Photo by National Geographic on Super Stock.

John’s lips quirked. “That’s a very noncommittal response, girl-without-a-name who keeps appearing conveniently in my path.”
Jess’s heart hammered, but this time it wasn’t a pleasant sensation. Conveniently? “What do you mean?”
John glanced back towards the shop. “I was meeting Tara here.”

And now I think we'll leave Jess & John for a bit. Tune in next week for something different... And as always, check out the other sixes here :)


Pippa Jay said...

Puch, extremely awkward! What is Tara up to?

alan said...

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Liana Brooks said...

Love it!

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