07 October 2011

Alot of Power

Okay, so the marking may be driving me just a TAD loopy. But when you see the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over again, you really do have to develop coping mechanisms. I love Hyperbole and a Half's coping mechanism for the abuse of 'alot' so much, I use it myself. It really does make everything much more hilarious, and a lot less frustrating.

Hence, this was my productive use of time last week, in the midst of marking mayhem. And no, my Alot doesn't look like Hyperbole and a Half's. Yes, hers is prettier. But I was totally working from memory and trying not to waste - er, invest too much time, so you know. I'm still pretty proud :P :D


Botanist said...

Love that link!

That is kind of the opposite logic to whoever first said "Be alert ... lerts have more fun."

Amy Laurens said...

lol! I love it. Totally want to be a lert >:) bwa ha.

And yes, I agree. Hyperbole and a Half is rather awesome :o)

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