09 October 2011

6SS: With This Ring

Once again, I am way late putting this up, but better late than never, right? :) With This Ring is a short story about... Well, let me just give you the official blurb, shall I?

Changeling Orkney wakes in the arms of a beautiful woman with distant memories of rivers and burrows. He shrugs it all aside with the glorious discovery that he has proposed the woman, Lia - only he doesn't remember proposing at all, and the strange key in her study matches the ring on his finger.

Will Orkney remember who he is before it's too late?

With This Ring

The sun rose further and golden rays fell across her face, caramelising her skin and revealing copper highlights in her hair. Who was this beauty?

She opened her eyes.

Orkney gasped, shocked by their intense blueness. And he remembered.

A dimple sprang to life in Lia’s cheek. “Morning, sexy.”

Check out the rest of today's Six Sentence Sunday entries here, and once again, a million thanks to the organisers.

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