20 October 2011

Five Things To Do To Inspire Creativity

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For me, anyway, because people are all inspired by different things :)

1) Have other stuff that absolutely MUST be done in order for life to keep functioning. The more boring the better. Marking is perfect. (Writing as procrastination, #ftw!)

2) Read. Read lots. Read good books (so you can weep over how great you’ll never be). Read bad books (so you can gain confidence in knowing you can do better).

3) Collect random trivia (because you never know when the knowledge that a particular species of fungus turns ants into mind-controlled zombies might be useful).

4) Collect random images (because turning pretty I-wish-I’d-made-that images into words doesn’t count as plagiarism).

5) Play (because your muse, or imagination, or whatever term you like to use, is really just the grown-up term for your inner five-year-old).

Incidentally, my inner five-year-old is actually very determined that she’s an inner-six-but-NEARLY-SEVEN-year-old, and her name is Sarah, and she has brown pigtails and likes to wear white and pink, and lives in a bedroom with a white-painted cast-iron bed (the kind with rails down one side so it can pretend to be a chair, and gold caps on the four corner posts), a white bookcase and desk, pinky-red carpet and a large primary-coloured rug somewhere deep down in my right brain.

The sad thing is, I’m not even kidding, and I could draw you a picture of her, and then move on to draw pictures of my left brain (twenty-year-old university newspaper editor) and my hind brain (who bizarrely insists on being thirty-five and wearing an emerald-green satin formal gown) also.

I always knew I had issues. O.0 :P :D


Amber Cuadra said...

This is great! I love all these ideas. (also, tumblr is a really great place to find pictures that are super inspiring.)

Amy Laurens said...

Hi Amber! I'm glad you found it useful :) I hadn't thought of using tumblr for that - awesome idea. Must do. :)

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