12 October 2011

New Stuff, Free Stuff, Pretty Stuff

So! This is an admin-y sort of post, but be not alarmed! It contains all sorts of fun, good stuff for the most wonderful readers on the planet! (That's you.) So make sure you read to the end, or, you know, skip down to the end and read the last sentence so at least if I quiz you, it'll LOOK like you read the whole thing. O:)

First of all, new stuff. The astute among you will notice that there is a 'Readers' link in the link bar at the top of the blog. The ones among you that have generally decent memories will also recall that I mentioned a little while ago that I was in the process of populating that link. Well! The link! She is populated! For now she is just a small, back county town, population 57, with a single street called Main Street and a butcher and a grocer and not much else, but she LIVES! Hurrahs!

If you click on the link you'll be taken to the readers' section of the site, which contains extras for stories and the like. At the moment, population 57 means that the extras for some of the short stories are up; you can find photos, fairytales, the sound of my voice, not-especially-brillant drawings and even special offers, all related to shorts I've had published. Squee!

But because I am lovely (and now on to the free stuff), I have also made MORE special offers available for you. Certified, Forget, Sculpting and Shoe are all free downloads all the time. However, until October 31, the following coupons also apply:
  1. Download Sea Foam and Blood for free using this coupon: LG27M
  2. Download Leaving (new story - somewhat of a prequel to Jesscapades) for free using this coupon: DK33L
  3. Download What You Wish For, a new collection of three short stories, for free using this coupon: UY83D

But wait! That's not all! Your free set of steak knives... Er, okay, so posting steak knives to you all may be grounds for governmental investigations into my doings, and none of us want that. (You don't. Trust me). So I can't offer you steak knives.

I CAN, however, offer you the opportunity to win a super-shiny, highly awesome, brand new BOOK (and other stuff) every second month. How? As of November 1, I will be sending out a bi-monthly (as in once every two months, not twice a month; stupid confusing English) newsletter*, complete with competitions for subscribers only. Sign up now so you're all prepared for the first competition, which will be for a copy of the highly, HIGHLY awesome Divergent, by Veronica Roth. And yes, that's the pretty stuff. I mean seriously; have you SEEN the cover?? *dies of the shiny* So yes. Sign up to newsletter! O:)

And to finish, cookies. Because you are awesome just for reading this, and deserve a cookie. Or three. <3!
*Newsletter will be delivered by carrier bat to the email inbox of your choice. Carrier bats are of limited intelligence and prone to confusion, hence you can be absolutely sure that they will never spam you. This is why I use carrier bats. >:)

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