20 January 2012

Prizes! Contests! BOOKS!

Hurrah! I love announcements like this :o)

So I know I just had a couple of contests, but I found some awesome books recently and needed a good excuse to give them away, and you guys provided me with the perfect opportunity: the blog has hit 100 followers :o) You guys are awesome. I'm really not sure why most of you follow me; I'm rarely coherent, frequently random, and I'm not entirely convinced that anything I say here is of the slightest use, but nonetheless, there are a whole CENTURY of you that approve well enough to let your little avatar be displayed in the box over there --->


Thank you, also, to the exact-number-indeterminate of you that follow through other methods, like feedreaders, or who click through from CC, twitter, or facebook. Seriously: you guys rock. I quite literally would not be here on this blog without you, because really, what would be the point? I talk to myself enough in my own head, I don't need a blog to acheive that :D

SO. Contest #1.

To say thank you for being awesome and tolerating my weirdness, I will be giving away to one lucky winner their choice of the following:

Danyelle Leafty's debut Catspell (ebook pdf version)

Kiersten White's debut Paranormalcy (trade paperback)

Brenna Yovanoff's debut The Replacement (trade paperback)

Michelle Davidson Argyle's short story anthology True Colors: And Other Short Stories (e-version, multiple formats available)

And randomly, John Steinbeck's The Pearl (mass market paperback - Popular Penguins series)

To enter, you must be following me somewhere (either the blog via the sidebar gadget, me on twitter, or my facebook page) and leave a comment in the, er, comments. Just say you want to enter and which prize you'd like; I'll extricate the private details from the winner privately ;) :D

And now, Contest #2!

I recently review Divergent and raved about the awesomeness that it is. It is, in fact, SO awesome, that I bought a second copy ESPECIALLY so I could share the awesomeness with someone else. Because truly, it is awesome. So, to enter for your chance to win Divergent, all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter. It's delivered right to your inbox's door once every second month (or so) by the carrier bats, and has an article, a book or blog review, a contest (yes, THAT'S RIGHT, you could WIN A BOOK EVERY SECOND MONTH! *dies of the squee*) and more of the fun and random stuff you'd expect from me. Because, you know, I live to bring the random into your life. #mottos #likegrottos #onlylesswet

So! Contests! Hurrah! Spread the word (or, you know, not, if you want to increase your chances of winning??) and join the love! HURRAH.

Remember, for Contest #1, leave a comment below saying where/how you follow my crazy ramblings.

For Contest #2, sign up for the newsletter. If you're already subscribed to the newsletter, you're entered by default ;)

BOTH CONTESTS will close on February 2 when I will draw the winners at random. I'll announce the winners asap - I'm planning to announce on Feb 2, but I reserve the right to extend that a little should the minion not have appeared by then (which he jolly well better have OR ELSE).

Yay! Contests!


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

YAY for contests! :) :) :) I've heard good stuff about Divergent.

Patrick said...

Oh goody. So, you are the very first Twitter I have ever signed up for. Now I need to ask one of my children how it works! Must read Divergent. Books. Anything but The Pearl. That is random, clearly indicates you are losing your grip and disturbs me deeply.

Angela Ackerman said...

Divergent was amazing! And I would love to win the Replacement. I've heard good things about it. Have you read Daughter of Smoke and Bone yet? If not--grab it! :)

How many ways do I follow you? Man, I have no idea. We're bffs here on CC and twitter. Facebook too I think?

Congrats on the 100 benchmark! That's awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

So many contests! *o* Both sound like a lot of fun!

Are they open to non-US followers? Because I've gotten all excited about contests many times, only to find out that they are only for people in the USA. And since I'm in Chile, South America... :(

If they are open to my country, I'd love to participate! :D I'm already a member of the newsletter (just confirmed my subscription) and I follow you through here and through e-mail and in Twitter and Facebook. xD I'm a total stalker, LOL.

As for the prizes, every book sounds interesting and I haven't read any of them, so any one of them would be a great gift. But, if I have to pick, "The Replacement" ( Brenna Yovanoff) would be my first choice. :)

Thanks for these contests and lots of hugs~

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