18 January 2012

Time to Stand

Literally, first of all, because the minion has decided that I ought to be banned from sitting, and makes a fuss in my ribcage whenever I do. But I also mean the figurative stand, as in 'taking a...'. Against what?

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) (that link is to Wikipedia, which will, in about 2 hours, be going dark for the duration of its January 18 as a mark of protest). Those of you that trawl the interwebs might have come across this already, and a large percentage of my readership will have dismissed it as 'a US law that doesn't apply to us'. Unfortunately, because a lot of the large companies that own major internet sites (think Google, Facebook, etc) are based in the US, this DOES affect us. All of us.

Here is a good summary of what the fuss is all about. It's already nearly the end of the 18th here in Aus, so I am, as usual, late to the party; hence, I'm not blacking out the blog. A lot of you read via feed readers anyway, so probably wouldn't even notice that the blog had gone dark for a day (especially with my REALLY REGULAR posting schedule). So I'm doing what I consider to be more important: spreading the word.

ETA: Something us international peeps CAN do: Petitions here and here. Look for the 'Not in the US' links.

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