17 January 2012

So, about the last two months...

I've not posted in two months. I have not died, I have not fallen off the edge of an inter-planetary rift, and I have not (alack) moved to somewhere warm and secluded wherein I can live out my days as a happyhappy hermit. I have merely, boringly, mundanely, been Busy. And pregnant, but *wavey hands of dismissal* to that O:)

I know, I KNOW I keep saying that I'll be better, that I'll recommit, that I'll try harder this time and this time, I REALLY WILL blog more often and BE A BETTER PERSON... And I hope you know that I do mean it. Just as I hope you all know by now that I'll probably fail dismally :P That said, however, with the Impending Doom of the Parasitical Minion (aka I'm due Tuesday next week), I have actually been somewhat organised, and I has guest posts for you! Guest! Posts! People to say interesting and coherent things, JUST FOR YOU! Which is EXCITING! And warrants the totally ABUSE of CAPITAL LETTERS and EXCLAMATION MARKS!!

I also have two exciting announcements which really and truly DO justify the use of excessive exclamation marks (not that my lovely guests don't), but I'll get to those later. For now, here's what you need to know:

Today, Jan 17: Blog comes out of hibernation. It is sleepy and it's skin is a little saggy, like an under-nourished grizzly, but we loves it anyway.

Tomorrow, Jan 18: Exciting announcement number 1: I has book.

Jan 19: Exciting announcement number 2: You can has book.

Jan 23: The wonderful graphic artist Clare visits to share her thoughts on creativity.

Jan 30: We are joined by the awesome aspiring-songstress Rebecca to discuss what to do when random inspiration hits you on the nose in the middle of the night.

Feb 6: Author Emily Casey will be dropping by to discuss fairytales, and why they are awesome. In fact, they are so awesome that she wrote a fracture fairytale of her own, and The Fairytale Trap is a) now available and b) lots of fun and c) you'll have the chance to win a copy during her visit.

Feb 13: Author Krista Ball is going to join in the 'creativity' theme and share with us how on earth she's able to actually be creative when in her non-writing life, she claims she can't even match colours.

After that, hopefully I'll have enough *brain* to return. And no doubt I'll pop in and out in between guests - I want to show off the chair that Boyo & I have reupholstered (nearly) and of course, I'm sure there will be an obligatory minion picture in there somewhere too O:) :) (hopefully sooner rather than later, *hint hint* minion).

Happy 2012! May it be a fulfilling year for all of you :o)


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Much excitement!

Amy Laurens said...

And busyness, but yes, hopefully the excitement shall triumph :D

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