13 February 2012

Blog Tour + Giveaways!

Hi there! Just a quick reminder that while I've been off busy spawning a minion:

...the giveaways are still active, regardless of what they might say in-post. See here and here, and please! Encourage people to enter! Share and spread the word!

Also, belatedly, I am part of a blog tour! Random Writing Rants is a week-ish long blog hop that we are actually nearly at the end of (sigh), but it's never too late to join the fun! My post, called "When Less is More", will be up HERE TOMORROW.

Check out the rest of the contributors, starting here with Chrystalla Thoma's rant about hopping :)

9 Febr: A. Merc Rustad – On Voice

10 Febr: Marie Dees – Building a Novel from Nothing

11 Febr: Krista D. Ball – Avoiding the Heroine Stupid Juice

12 Febr: Marion Sipe – Rant on Stereotypes, Cliches and Tropes

13 Febr: Ada Hoffmann – On Blundering

14 Febr: Amy Laurens – When Less is More


Pippa Jay said...

Awww, your minion is cute! Congrats!

Andrea Clunes said...

Such a cute baby~ :D

I've just entered all the contests/giveaways, assuming they are open to non-US readers as well. ^^ Thanks for organizing them!

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