06 February 2012

Guest Post: How To Break A Fairy Tale

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LinkToday I'd like to welcome Emily Casey, author of the newly-released The Fairy Tale Trap. Round of applause, if you please! In Emily's own words, she writes "everything from fairy tales to zombies, from middle grade to young adult. I write what's exciting to me and just hope someone else out there likes it." Sounds like a good philosophy to me :o)

Check out the other stops on Emily's blog tour here.

Thanks Amy, for letting me visit. I understand the need to let others take over for a bit, especially during pregnancy and soon after. That actually has something to do with what I’m blogging about today: how pregnancy led me to my new hobby: breaking fairy tales.

My main character, Ivy Thorn, was born on my blog. I was suffering from pregnancy brain at the time and didn’t feel like I could write long fiction, so I let Ivy tear apart a few fairy tales.

Of course, Ivy had to put her own spin on things. She’s not the type to sit back and let the fairy tale run its course. The thing I’m most proud of was when (in an early blog draft, not The Fairy Tale Trap) Ivy found herself stuck in the story: Snow White. She suggested that instead of going to all that trouble to kill Snow White, the queen should just use a spell to make Snow White ugly. It just made more sense!

We’ve heard the stories so many times that we just accept them. But what would happen if Cinderella refused to be a doormat? What would happen if someone broke a spell, but it didn’t work out the way they thought it would? The question I asked in The Fairy Tale Trap was: What if Beast wasn’t the gentle, civil prince on the inside? What if he was just as wild and terrible as he looked?

Ivy (who seems to have a personality of her own) asks different questions. Instead of “what if” questions, she usually just raises a defiant eyebrow and does something she’s not supposed to.

The thing is, breaking fairy tales is like eating potato chips. I can’t stop at one! There are so many fairy tales out there, and so many ways for Ivy to mess them up.

So here’s to wreaking havoc with the charming tales we grew up with! May everything blow up in your characters’ faces, and hopefully they’ll make you laugh every now and then.

Want to know if The Fairy Tale Trap might be for you? Check out what Emily has to say on the matter, read the reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, and watch the book trailer below :)

Find out more about Emily and her books on her website. You can also stalk her on Facebook or Twitter, and see her profile on Goodreads.


Finally, if you'd like the chance to win your very own e-copy (multiple formats available) of The Fairy Tale Trap, all you have to do is leave a comment below letting us know 1) what YOUR favourite fairy tale is and 2) who you've told about Emily's awesome book (and yes, if you're really struggling, your cat can count).

You can leave an email address if you like BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO. I'll hunt down the winner once they're chosen >:) Winner will be chosen by random draw on February 20, so you have two weeks to spread the word!

Bonus: If anyone can guess MY favourite fairy tale, I'll write a fractured version of it JUST FOR YOU, and YOU get to name the main character :) No novels, though - this will be a long short story ;) And obviously, you'll get a free copy when I'm done :D


Emily Casey said...

Thanks for letting me stop by. :) Cats everywhere will hear about my book. ;)

I'm going to guess East of the Sun, West of the Moon. Just for fun.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this counts as a Fairy Tale, but I love Aladdin, as told by Disney in the 1992 movie. :) I used to love Disney movies and that one was one of my all-time favorite. I still re-watch it sometimes, just for fun. xD

I also loved "The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was", known in Spanish as "Juan Sin Miedo". My mom used to read it to me almost every day and I loved it. :D I always wished I could be like him, hahaha!

As for "The Faily Tale Trap", I've told a couple of friends about it through e-mails, when we were talking about interesting books we wanted to read. And I also mentioned it to my mom, since she's the one who'll let me buy it, when we can. :D

Thanks for organizing this interesting interview and giveaway!

Hugs to both of you. :)

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