10 September 2008

Sweet Spot Map #2 - I Am Drawn To

Sorry it's taken so long to post this. I was sure I hadn't finished detangling the map yet, and haven't had time to do so, so have been putting it off - only to discover today that it's actually been sitting there on my computer, done!

So, here for your enjoyment is another part of my Sweet Spot Map - I Am Drawn To. Abstract 'drawn-to's' provide great fodder for themes. You can see things like 'truth' and 'belonging' on there, things which often make their way into my work. What is truth? How would this character feel if they had nowhere to belong? Places obviously make for fun settings: for me, high exposed places, dark streets, night settings, old ruins... all these make for shiny, shivery settings full of atmosphere. People nouns make great MCs (assassins and spies both show up on the more recent version of this map), other nouns are cool props to throw in or things which can generate conflict, and stuff like 'classifications' can be seen in a lot of my stories in the divisions of people in houses, clubs, groups, societies, year levels, and so on and so forth.

(Click on the map for a bigger version)

All in all, this map is providing me with fabulous inspiration, and what's more, it's helping me identify my themes - but more on that next week :)

So - what are some things that you're drawn to?


Anonymous said...

Lol... How on earth did you go from Trees with big branches to Octopuses?

Inkblot said...

Via wisdom, naturally! :D

Octopuses are extremely intelligent - although new research is suggesting that cuttlefish may just pip them at the post for most-intelligent-creature-without-a-spine :D

Just_Me said...

Water... I'm drawn to water. And big predators. And isolated spots. And graves...

I'm really not a cheery person.

*insert big goofy smile*

P.S. Octopuses rule!

P.S.S. Go check your CC mail and then go check my blog.

Inkblot said...

Done, L-ish one! :)

Hehe, there's nothing necessarily morbid about water and big predators and isolated spots.... Really.... O:):D

Merc said...

Can I include eyes? O:)

Inkblot said...

I have!

Noses, tails and ears all show up in various places on my map, too! *goggle eyes* My subconsicous is weeeeeeeird. :D

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