12 September 2008

Welcome to my Sidebar: Lisa Shearin

"Welcome to the website of Lisa Shearin, the National Bestselling Author of the fantasy adventure series featuring Raine Benares, a sorceress and seeker of things lost and people missing."

Who: Lisa Shearin is the author of the fabulously successful series featuring MC Raine Benares, a wise-cracking street-smart elf who works as a Seeker - and has a nose for trouble. This series is one of my all-time favourites, for its ease of reading, high entertainment value, fabulous dialogue and absolutely sparkly characters - not to mention the awesome urban fantasy-ness of it all :o)

What: This is Lisa's author website. It's chock full of goodies, from news about her latest books to events such as signings, free chapters to read and of course, her blog.

Where: Here, or here: www.lisashearin.com

Why: Lisa has a great sense of humour, which comes through in both her books and her blog. She shares her experiences openly and candidly, treating us to insights into the life of a Real Live Author :) From the way she balances writing with her day job, to cooking for the family when you're in the grips of a novel, to how she begins writing her book, to some wonderful posts on editing that inspired my own edits on TBAEO, Lisa's blog is a genuine, entertaining look into the life of someone who does what we all dream of - Writes, and gets Paid To Do So :)

When: Usually daily, with 'fun pics' on Saturdays :)


Just_Me said...

I keep meaning to go read her books, they sound good, but that means going to the bookstore and I won't dare until I have the money saved up... I want my own book store, that would make life so much easier. :o)

Inkblot said...

Or you can order from the net, and the books are delivered to your door!

I've read the first book in her series (I won it from her blog!), and it's really great. I'm a hearty fan B-)

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