24 April 2009

33 Mistakes About Dogs: Podcast!

Do you ever invert words while you're writing? My latest switch was writing 'monastery' when I meant 'masonry' o.O Whoops! :D


I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited about today's post. Something different is in store: a podcast! Whee! *bounces*

Only, of course, it isn't a real podcast, because blogger doesn't let you upload audio files. So it's a podcast with a pretty picture O:)

Now, you all have to promise not to mock my voice (which I dislike) or my Australian accent (which I don't mind). Okay? Promise? Excellent.

In celebration of the fact that my ebook, the 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs, will be released in a little over a week, in today's podcast I thought I'd let you have a sneak peak of the book. The podcast contains the entire introduction to the book - that's a whole two minutes of nothing but my melodious voice. Very shiny!

If this works out well, and you all decide you like this, I might consider doing it more regularly with fun stuff like story excerpts :)

If you're rather listen to this just as a podcast, leave your email address in the comments or email me and I'll send you the mp3 file.

Next week I'll be announcing a competition that will involve not one, not two, but three FREE BOOKS! Check in on Monday for details.

And if you'd like to hear the soothing sound of my voice reading out some more of the 33 Worst Mistakes About Dogs next Friday, you can go here to vote on which one of the 33 mistakes you'd like to hear me read.

Well, that's it! Have a great weekend :)


Windsong said...

You have a gorgeous voice, Inky! It's strangely Australian. ;-) Good luck with your book, the podcast was awesome!

Beth said...

Well written and well read :D Great job!

Merc said...

You have a great reading voice, Inky, and yes, I love your accent. O:)

Nice job!

Lady Glamis said...

Okay, that was just cool to hear your voice. I could listen to you ALL day! I'd probably sound like a cowboy hick to you... LOL.

I loved it! I can't wait to promote this on my blog. Just let me know when. :)

Inkblot said...

Heh, yes, we are definitely going to have to do more podcast. Y'all are way too complimentary about my voice! :D

Thanks also to those of you who voted for what the next podcast should be. For those of you that didn't - GO! Do it now! :D (link at the end of the post).

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