27 April 2009

Contests, Contests Galore!


And they're all right here on this blog! Whee! :D

1) Character Chats

The post from week before last got me thinking: a couple of people mentioned to me that they're unfamiliar with the idea of character chats. Really, they're a blast! And a few weeks ago, Michelle had a contest on her blog for someone to participate in a character chat. So I thought - this is the week of contests! Why not?!


Rules: Anyone may enter. To enter, leave a comment on this post introducing a character you'd like interviewed. You have approx 100 words to convince me to choose your character over everyone else's, so be creative! Let your character's voice and personality shine through! :) To clarify: you may write this in any style you like, in any tense/person/POV, so long as I can get a sense of your character from it.

Prize: I'll interview the winning character and post the interview on the blog. It'll be fun! :)

Closing Date: Monday May 4.

2) Book Reviews

As you know, the 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs is coming out really soon. Now, naturally, I'd like people to buy this book ;) but I also really want to give away a couple of copies for FREE! Yay! Free book! :)

So I was thinking, people usually give away copies before the book comes out as 'Advanced Reader Copies' (ARCs) so that other people can review them. I'm not sure what I can do about ARCs, but in the sentiment of this...

Rules: Submit to me a 100-200 word review of my ebook. No, you can't read it first. Yes, you still have to review it %-) (hint: you can take a look at the topics covered here) The best/most inventive/most creative/most exciting/interesting/pretty review will win a copy of my ebook - and I may award runner up prizes on a discretionary basis.

You can either post your review in the comments section, or you can email it to me :)

Prize: My ebook! Huzzah!

Closing Date: Monday May 4.

3) The Ultimate - Free Books

This contest is NOT LIVE yet. I'll do another post next week as soon as it is.

When my ebook is released, the first ten people to buy a copy and email me a copy of their receipt will go in the draw to win a brand new copy of For The Love Of A Dog, one of the books I drew on in writing my ebook. This is a really, really awesome book about emotion in dogs - but it's about so much more than that. It's about emotions in people, too, and emotions in general, and the connections and communication between us and the people - and animals - we love. Honestly, if everyone who had to deal with dogs read this book, the number of dog-related injuries would dramatically decrease. This is a really, really great book.

Rules: Buy a copy of my ebook once it's released, and email me your receipt. If you're one of the first ten, you'll be entered into the draw (you'll receive confirmation that your email has been received, and I let people know when the cut off has been reached).

Prize: For The Love Of A Dog, by Patricia McConnell, posted out to you wherever you are, completely for F-R-E-E!! :D

So there you have it. Three contests in one day. Yippee! So - are you going to enter? :)

PS - Wow. This has been a really smiley post.

PPS - If you enter in the comments below, please make it clear WHICH CONTEST you're entering. Thanks :) (Oh look, another smile! :D)

PPS - Don't forget to go vote for which mistake you want me to read out in Friday's post! :)


Windsong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Windsong said...

Sorry, Inlkes. This is for the first contest:

When you become a fairy godmother, they never mention the long hours, the fact that you sign on indefinitely, the fact that there is no pay (besides the warm fuzzies you get from helping others) and the dispositions of the Deserving Young Ladies of Quality themselves. The ones that appear sweet and docile until they see anything sporting wings and a wand. Then they start making demands for impossibly expensive things like gorgeous ball gowns and animal servants--all with the aim of catching a prince. In a work environment like this, is it any wonder I turned to the dark side and became an evil fairy godmother?

Merc said...

Ooh, fun, except apparently the character I have refuses to write in first person. Something about too many previous lives and not being clear what he is. *sighs at Shah who is being difficult just because he finds it amusing*

So, er, can my character introduction be in third person? I wasn't clear about that in your post, sorry--

*Shah pops in, dressed in army fatigues and sunglasses and playing with a hand grenade* "Ja, but is that because you weren't paying attention, Fräulein?"

*Merc [i]glares[/i]* I would kill you if it did any good.

*Shah looks entirely innocent* "Alas. I brought you a present."

*Merc is skeptical* Last time you brought someone a present, it was a baby griffin with psychic powers.

*Shah offers Merc the grenade without the pin* "I thought you would appreciate this more, Fräulein."

o.O That thing is gonna blow, idiot!

*Shah grins lazily* "It's only fulfilling its purpose. Why do you object to that?"

Because it's an explosive which I happen to be holding now.

"You don't have to keep it, though I will be terribly saddened to have my gift rejected. Free will is nice, ja?" *he pats Merc on the head sympathetically* Auf Wiedersehen." *Shah wanders off to find a tank to tamper with, in order to entertain himself when it self-destructs later, leaving Merc with a live grenade*

This is why I want to--


--kill him. *sighs and wipes smoke off her face*

That, uh, wasn't really my entry. I don't think. I MEANT to ask a question until SOMEONE interrupted me. *plots against Shah*

Windsong said...

Book review:

In this daring book, Ms. Laurens not only sweeps common misconceptions about man's best friend away, but she burns their ashes as well. For those of you that believe dogs are domesticated wolves, there is still hope.

In 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Dogs, writers learn that dogs are people too. They communicate through more than one language, they "see" the world through more than just their eyes, and they have personalities all of their own. This book dispels myths and debunks common misconceptions. After all, dogs may not be human (or domesticated wolves), but they are still people in fur coats.

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