10 March 2010

In Case Anyone's Interested

Holly's opened both How To Think Sideways (HTTS) and How To Revise Your Novel (HTRYN) for another class intake. Remember, if you sign up through any of the links on this website and send me your paypal (or whatever) receipts each month, you get 20% back.

You all know by now that I adore these courses to pieces. They have literally revolutionised not only the way I write, but the way I approach writing - see here and here. Anyone else who is taking or has taken the courses want to chime in? Did you like the course? Worth the money?  

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From: Holly Lisle

Both HTRYN and HTTS classes are taking new students TODAY, and class starts TODAY. You DON'T pay now and wait for June for class to start. (There have been a lot of e-mails asking.) Lesson One is sitting in your classroom waiting for you immediately when you sign up. You can be working on your first lesson in about five minutes (including doing the quick tutorial FIRST to make sure you get all the goodies the course has to offer.)

Yes, in June I'll be adding new material to HTTS, and on June 15th, HTTS prices will go up accordingly---but EVERY current student and every course graduate will get all of those upgrades at no charge.


HOW TO THINK SIDEWAYS is my "How to write a novel from start to finish AND build a writing career" course. I take you step-by-step through every phase of creating and writing a novel right through to sending it off, showing you every tool I've created and
currently use to write, revise, and get my own 30+ novels (and still counting) out the door, sell them, and design and maintain my
own career in the process.

You'll learn not just from what I did right, but from every place along the way where I really screwed up. You'll squeeze 25 years
of "writing with intent to publish"--- including everything I learned from the seven years when I couldn't sell water in a
desert---into either six or 12 months of work-at-your-own-pace lessons, backed up by a thriving private writers' community,
fascinating discussions, and private workgroups.



HOW TO REVISE YOUR NOVEL is born from my breakthrough writing year, where I FINALLY figured out how to take stories apart, how to see where I'd gone wrong, and how to fix bone-deep story damage. This is the intensive surgical process I used on my FIRST novel (which never sold---some things are just too bad to ever be good), and my SECOND novel...

...which SOLD THE FIRST TIME OUT out to the first place I sent it, one MONTH after I mailed it out the door---and for which I won the Compton Crook Award for best first novel.

Yes. I went from writer-of-unsellable-wreck to award-winning novelist over the course of writing TWO novels---and HOW TO REVISE
YOUR NOVEL is step-by-step intensive training in how I did it.

If you have a completed first draft of a manuscript, no matter how long it's been sitting in a drawer, no matter how wrecked you
suspect or know it is, I can show you how to revise it into the book you intended to write when you started out. You might not
ever be able to make your first novel sellable. (I sure couldn't.)

Every future novel you write, though, will benefit from what you learn revising this one.


Write with joy,



Charmaine Clancy said...

Very recommendish!
If you're looking for a creative writing course I suggest that this one is the best value because there is a great quantity of information shared in digestible portions. I've only progressed a little way through the How to Think Sideways course and have found it revealing and helpful. Now I'm progressing through How to Revise Your Novel and I think this is my favourite - I absolutely rave about it on my blog and would be floundering through edits without it.

Inkblot said...

I'm so glad you're liking it :o) thanks for the added recommendation.

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