23 April 2010

Contest Winners! Plus A Side of Torture

Yes, in the plural, because we are still tossing up between three names, so three people win. Wootery!

But, before we get to that, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce a new Friday feature: The Know More section! I've done Know Mores once or twice before, but I really think that a large part of being an author is being able to draw inspiration from anywhere, and to take anything and transform it into a story idea - so the theory is, the more you know, the more inspiration you'll have! Knowing more is also the unspoken caveat of the commonly-touted advice to "write what you know".

In today's Know More, Torture. Bwa ha ha.

It’s a standard scene in the action movie. The good guy finally hunts down the bad guy, pins him down, and asks for that crucial piece of information. Only the bad guy won’t talk. So what happens? Torture, of course. In many wonderful varieties, but torture nonetheless. But there’s something wrong with this picture: torture isn’t that simple, and often, it might not work. Turns out that the more stress you’re under, the less you can remember, making it hard to give up the information the torturer needs even if you want to confess. And of course, there’s natural human stubbornness: the more you want to force someone to change their mind, the less likely they are to change it. Something to bear in mind next time you write a torture scene. Read the article.

Okay. So. How many of you totally just skimmed to the end in order to find out who the winners were? You! Yes, you there, at the keyboard. I'm looking at you. Cheat. :P

Anyway. Drumroll, please!!


Our winners are.....


After many hours of deliberation, staring at the puppy, and calling him weird names to see what he'd respond to...

Shooting Star, ClareB and Melissa, for the names Max, Dart and Havoc!!

Personally, I think Max is boring. I mean really, how many dogs in the world are there named Max? Unfortunately, the Boyish One has a convincing argument, a la Maxwell Smart from Get Smart. Gentleman of Chaos, Maxwell Smart... You see where he's going with this. Even though I pointed out that Max is actually an agent for Control, not Kaos. But anyway.

Now, I have to point out that nearly every single person who entered got at least one name on the short list. So well done to you all, you awesome, creative, amazing bunch of people.

Congratulations to all our winners! I'll be in contact with you to discuss prizes! Yay, books!!!


Have a great weekend, everyone. Goodness knows I need one :P


Catherine Kariaxi said...

I haven't seen Get Smart (movie or series), but I do like "Max" for a dog. Mighty Max. :)

@Torture - I globbed onto this: "Turns out that the more stress you’re under, the less you can remember, making it hard to give up the information the torturer needs even if you want to confess."

I do have a character who has memory issues... I was waffling about having this be because of hypnosis or something like that, or something more mundane like extreme stress.

Jay Herford said...

Hmmm... torture is an interesting concept. On the one hand for the 'non-thinking man' it is the perfect fool-proof way to obtaining otherwise un-obtainable information. On the other hand it's not pretty to see, experience, or deal out. What sort of method is more effective? Bearing in mind that interrogation is different to torture. Is the pain of death or mutilation more effective in divulging what you want to know? Thinking of the torture scenes from both Casino Royale and Taken as a reference point here

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